Protecting Your Gutters with the Micro Mesh Gutter Guard

Let’s face it: cleaning gutters is a foul, disgusting and often dangerous chore that most homeowners don’t relish the opportunity to undertake, which is why the professionals at Gutter King are glad to eliminate the need to clean your gutters with the Micro Mesh Gutter Guard.

Out of all the gutter guards available on the market, nothing will protect your gutter system better than the Micro Mesh Gutter Guard. While some lower-end guards only block larger items from clogging up the system, they aren’t fully effective at blocking smaller debris, and can often clog up just as badly as your gutters can.

How does Micro Mesh Work?

micro mesh gutter guard

Micro mesh utilizes an offset louver system that actually draws rainwater into your gutters so that it can be carried away from your home via downspouts. At the same time, it helps repel unwanted leaves, sticks and other debris that clog your gutter system.

The unique design is comprised of a convex screen with thousands of entry points that fully blocks debris from getting into the gutters without stopping the flow of water. It can handle the heaviest of rains and is rated for more than a hundred inches of rainfall an hour.

Most gutter guards boast the ability to stop large debris, which the Micro Mesh Gutter Guard does wonderfully, but it also goes above and beyond the capabilities of normal gutter guards. The fine, built in, mesh layer of the system also blocks small debris such as seeds, pine needles, shingle granules, dirt and other particles that have come off during storms.

What is it Made of?

The micro mesh system is made out of Marine grade stainless steel. This heavy-duty material guarantees that the micro mesh gutter guards will survive even the heaviest of storms. This corrosion-resistant steel won’t rust, easily bend, or become damaged. It can even withstand attacks from animals trying to claw and bite their way through the system.

The standard micro mesh gutter guard fits on a number of different gutters. While it’s not a one-size-fits-all, it does fit the most commonly used gutter sizes and designs. There’s no need to install special gutter systems.

Does it Stick out or make any other Visual Impact on the Building?

Micro mesh gutter guards are hardly noticeable at all. In addition to their low profile, they’re also painted with industrial grade paint and the finish will last for years. Once they’re installed by trained professionals, you’ll only remember that they are there when you see your neighbors cleaning out their gutters!

Will I REALLY Never Need to Clean My Gutters Again?

The best thing about the Micro Mesh Gutter Guards is that they are essentially a self cleaning system. The design inherently allows for debris to naturally fall off your gutters with only a gentle breeze.

You’ll still need to do a quick visual inspection every now and then just to make sure something large isn’t covering the micro mesh (like an errant Frisbee, for example), but you’ll never have to spend all afternoon cleaning out your gutters again.

And Installation is Fast!

In less than a day, Gutter King can eliminate the need to clean your gutters ever again. Installing the systems is fast, but should always be done by a trained professional. Incorrect installation of any gutter guard system can void the manufacturer’s warranty on many types of roofing shingles.

To avoid any liability or additional costs to homeowners, Gutter King always installs each system precisely to the manufacturer’s specifications.

So what are you waiting for? Give Gutter King a call and let us give you the peace of mind you deserve.