Gutter Topper Basics

Most home and business owners take for granted what their gutters do for them. Therefore, protecting them with a gutter topper is usually an afterthought.

And an expensive one, at that.

It’s usually something that only comes to mind when your gutters come crashing down off the side of your home or when clogging leads to a leak in your roof, causing it to rain in your kitchen.

You’ll have to take us at our word that rain anywhere inside your home is a bad thing.

Thankfully, installing a gutter topper is a great way to prevent all of this.

Why Should You Invest in a Gutter Topper?

gutter topper

You can enjoy her handiwork in all its beauty, but Mother Nature sure has it out for homeowners. Rest assured, she will stop at nothing to painfully annoy you, if given the opportunity.

Not even your gutters are safe from an attack.

That’s why homeowners have to take precautions like installing a gutter topper to protect their houses against the elements.

Throughout the year, Mother Nature will send an unending onslaught of snow, wind, rain and debris to clog your gutters, incapacitating them from doing their job. She even has an army of squirrels and birds at her disposal, both of whom can cause havoc on your gutter systems.

A gutter topper protects your gutters from damage, rust, ice dams and prevents them from clogging. It’s an easy fix that ensures water gets to where it needs to go: off of your roof and safely away from your home.

How A Gutter Topper Works

You may be asking yourself: why should I put this strange device on top of my gutters? Well, they really aren’t just for show (although they are do look great on top of any gutter system).

The fact is, gutter toppers can withstand heavy loads of snow, high winds and torrential rains as they protect your gutters from debris. Over time, leaves and others sorts of gunk can build up inside your gutters, preventing the flow of water and causing pooling on your roof or within your gutter system.

On top of leaves and sticks, gutters are also make great waterfront property for birds, squirrels and other small critters that want to take up residence there.

If all these sorts of debris aren’t constantly cleared (which is quite a messy and dangerous chore in and of itself), water will continue to collect until it reaches levels that are far too heavy for your gutters or roof to handle.

And that’s when you realize that you’ve acted too late.

Get Your Gutter Topper Today

Rather than braving the heights by getting up on a ladder and cleaning out your gutters every month, why not let the highly trained installers at Gutter King end your gutter woes for good?

After a quick assessment of your home or business, our qualified workers can have your gutters protected in record time, leaving you with the peace of mind you deserve. Give us a call today to find out how we can help protect your home or business from the elements.