Gutter Protection

Level 1 – Micro Mesh Covers are an economical, yet very reliable solution to frequently clogged gutters. These types of covers act as a leaf guard and will block the majority of leaves and debris that are blown off of trees during storms. They are half the price of their more durable, solid counterparts, but work quite well under a lot of conditions. Micro Mesh gutter guards provide light to medium protection from common debris.

Level 2 – Aluminum Gutter Toppers are a great solution for most homes. Because they sit on the top of the gutter opening, they are discreet and remain mostly out of sight, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home. This style of gutter topper will catch most debris (e.g. cotton, whirly-birds, pine needles, etc.), while still allowing your gutters to redirect all of the rain that falls on the roof. Although they are priced a bit higher than mesh covers, these reliable toppers are well worth the money and are recommended for most homes. This type of gutter cover provides medium to slightly heavy protection from common debris.

Level 3 – Gutter Guards are the ultimate high-end gutter cover. These covers are a solid layer of protection that sits on top of the gutters and essentially blocks all debris from getting through, all the while using surface tension to keep water flowing into the gutter. Water that enters the system follows the curve of the cover and is guided safely into the gutter, preventing branches, leaves and most other debris from gaining access. These types of gutter guards are highly effective and offers the maximum amount of protection for your gutter system. It is well worth the investment for homeowners who reside in heavily wooded areas or where severe storms are common.