Non-Enclosed System = Non-Existent Protection

Exposed gutters cause a lot of problems. They get clogged and dirty. Animals make their home in them. Mold and disease can build up. And eventually, they stop performing the job of distributing water away from your home.

The good news is there are a number of options available for covering your gutter.

The bad news is most of those options aren’t very good. That doesn’t stop companies to pass their flawed systems off to unsuspecting homeowners.

Leaf Guard or Gutter Helmet? Doesn’t Matter

Both Leaf Guard and Gutter Helmet are non-enclosed gutter guard systems. That means that while they cover most of your gutter, there’s an open space between the guard and the gutter itself.

In other words, despite what the companies say, they are not true “seamless” gutters.

Here’s how they work:

There is a curved cover  that goes over most of your gutter. As rain and debris fall on your roof, the water follows the curve into the gutter while the debris goes off the edge and on to the ground. In a perfectly controlled environment, this can work.

Unfortunately for them, nature isn’t so easily controlled, leading to a long list of problems.

Leaves, Seeds, and Build-up

Because there’s space between the guard and your gutter, debris can and will get in there. Small seeds and needles can easily flow with the rain water straight into your gutter. The same goes for full-size leaves.

It won’t take much for those small gaps to become plugged or covered, spilling all water onto the ground below. Speaking of spilling…

Water Concentration and Heavy Rain

Non-enclosed systems are designed to take a steady amount of well-displaced rain. But most roofs have points where water flows more heavily. In these concentration points, the rain will likely flow straight over the gutter and onto the ground, putting you at risk for flooding, foundation damage, and more.

The same thing will happen in heavy downpours and wind-blown rain.

Open Housing for Creatures

You can find a number of living critters in unprotected gutters: frogs, spiders, birds, mice, snakes, and much more. With a non-enclosed system like Gutter Helmet or Lead Guard, you leave an open invitation for these guys to still get in there. You’d be surprised what kind of spaces some animals can squeeze into.

With the added shade of the gutter guard, it can actually make your gutter more appealing to bugs and other creatures.

Use Mastershield Instead

Both these companies will spend a lot of time telling you what makes them different from the competition, but at the end of the day, they suffer from the same fatal flaws.

Instead, go with Mastershield.

Mastershield uses a patented micromesh guard that’s pitched with your roof. Debris slides straight off while water goes directly into your gutter. It doesn’t matter how much water falls.

Since it’s pitched properly, leaves and seeds won’t get stuck on top of your gutters.

And since it’s enclosed, you won’t be finding any living creatures in there.

Get a Professional Installation

Even the best gutter guard can under-perform if it’s not properly installed. Make sure you have a trained expert inspecting and installing your gutter guards. For Mastershield in the Minneapolis area, the Gutter King is here for you.

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