American Horror Story – Leak Show

Water Drop

The sky turns to black. Lightning strikes as the rain is unleashed. You sit inside your warm, cozy home thinking you’re safe. After all, your gutters are all in place. Maybe you even have some gutter guards installed on them.

But outside, something terrible is happening in the dark.

The water is slowly seeping through your gutters, running into your siding, your foundation, and your fascia board, rotting it all away.

You Have a Leaky Gutter

Like all parts of your home, gutters wear down over time. Storms and extreme temperatures can damage them. If they were poorly installed or cheap material was used, it doesn’t take long for problems to arise.

Left untended, your gutters will begin to leak.

This is especially common around downspouts, but it can also happen in areas where you can’t see. Gutter leaks are very easy to miss, but sooner or later, you’ll start to see the problems they cause.

Roof and Fascia Damage

Gutter leaks can easily get under your roof and into your fascia. Fascia boards can rot, which can then cause your gutters to sag and even become detached, resulting in further leakage and mess.

If water gets under your shingles, it can slowly eat away at your roof, even getting into your home and causing internal damage.

Foundation and Siding Damage

As water leaks, it will naturally travel down, hitting your siding, possibly window trim, and your foundation. While a little water won’t damage these areas, a constant, concentrated drip can do a surprising amount of harm.

Ice Dams

When subzero temperatures come into play, leaks quickly turn into icicles which not only can damage your root, gutters, and siding, but can also pose a safety hazard to people around your home.

Landscaping Damage and Erosion

Constant dripping and overflow can cause damage to your yard below. Whether it’s gardening you have around the house or the topsoil your grass is growing out of, leaks can ruin it all.

Stop the Horror

To save yourself from the mess of leaky gutters, you need a trained professional. They can inspect your gutters, spot leaks, make needed repairs, and advise you on how to improve your home’s gutter system.

If you’re looking for a quality gutter professional, Gutter King is here for you. Whether you need gutter repair or you’re looking to install gutter guards, we’ve got you (and your gutters) covered. Contact us today.