Tales from the Gutter Keeper

Welcome, guys and ghouls to a place filled with stories of the strange and the macabre.

Where diseased animals crawl through rancid water and black sludge.

Where your precious valuables and belongings are lost for eternity.

Welcome to the gutter crypt.

You’d be Surprised What’s Found in Gutters

If you’re not taking care of your gutters, you might expect to find leaves, nuts, or seeds in them. You know, the usual suspects. But much stranger things have been found in gutters. Here are just a few things that might pop up if you ignore your gutters for too long.

Actual Plant Life

Having trouble getting your garden growing? Maybe you should take some tips from your gutter. The combination of water, dirt, and seeds proves to be surprisingly fertile. Leave your gutters unchecked, and you’ll soon find a second lawn on the edges of your roof.

Just don’t expect any water to drain through properly. Instead, expect to find your basement flooding.

Felines, Frogs, and Serpents

It’s not unheard of to find birds’ nests in gutters. You might even expect to find a mouse or two. But much stranger and deadlier things have been found in gutters. For a feral cat, an unprotected gutter can be the perfect shape to comfortably lay inside of.

When gutters start becoming watery, the eco-system changes. A swampy gutter is perfect for frogs to hop and swim around in.

But the freakiest of finds are snakes. Yes, snakes can make their way up and into a dirty gutter.


Two things children are especially good at: losing things and putting things where they don’t belong. Put those traits together, and you can end up finding a lot of toys inside your gutter if it’s unprotected. By the time the kids get them back, they’ll likely be green with mold and disease.

Probably not something you want them playing with.


Sometimes, the creatures living in your gutters don’t make it out. Before you know it, your house has become a graveyard. And as the rain and snow wither the body away, all that remains are the bones which easily get trapped in the drain pipe.


From mold to animal droppings and more, the things left in dirty gutters can quickly become a laboratory for disease creation. These sicknesses could be contracted by you, your guests, or your children.

You Think You’re Safe, but You’re Not

You may be reading this and thinking it doesn’t apply to you because you have some bargain store gutter cover in place. You’re wrong.

Cheap guards can often make gutter build up worse, trapping creatures and dirt inside. Or if you have a poorly installed cover, it may keep water from even getting inside of the gutters, sending it to your foundation instead.

The best way to keep these nightmares from happening to you with high-quality gutter guards like Mastershield. Contact us today for assistance.

Otherwise, sleep tight and pray the gutter snakes don’t come to bite.