Talkin’ About Plastics, Got Sales Guys Doing Gymnastics.

Unprotected gutters get backed up. It’s a fact of life. Even if you don’t have trees near you, there are all sorts of objects that can find their way into your gutter system.

And once a gutter is clogged, a lot of bad things can happen to your home.

Of course, no one likes to clean gutters. They’re high up, dirty, smelly, and the process of cleaning them can be unsafe. That’s why many wise homeowners invest in a gutter guard to keep their gutters clean and flowing freely.

There’s just one problem…

Not All Gutter Guards are the Same

One of the biggest distinguishing factors in gutter guard craftsmanship is the material used for the guard itself. Plastic is used in many guards due to its low cost and flexibility.  Common sense will tell us that this makes zero sense to put plastics, susceptible to UV rays and weather, on our roofs.

Yet some companies attempt to charge you upwards of $30/LF for a piece of plastic (ahem, LeafFilter)  and tell you not to worry, it’ll be ok.  However, plastic gutter guards have their own price to pay.

Plastic Gutter Guard Problems

plasticPlastic and harsh environments don’t mix well. Roofs get hot. So hot, in fact, that it can cause plastic guards to warm. This affects both appearance and performance and the guard shifts away from the roof, breaking the seamless fit a gutter guard should have.  The heating and cooling of the seasons puts immense pressure on the plastic and creates waves as seen here.

And when the cold comes, that brittle plastic can crack at any point.

Simply put, plastic gutter guards are prone to warping, shifting, buckling, and breaking, all of which can leave your gutter exposed to foreign materials. In fact, cheap plastic guards can actually worsen gutter blockage in some cases.

Watch Out for Plastic Guards

Clever gutter guard manufacturers will try to mask the plastic components of their product. For example, LeafFilter is a guard that uses a mesh cover and uPVC support. While they claim their uPVC construction isn’t prone to the same issues traditional plastic faces, all you need to do is look at customer reviews to see that’s not the case.

Bending, warping, and separation plague Leaf Filter like they do with virtually all plastic guards.

All of these reasons are why plastic gutter guard salesmen bend every which way to deflect, avoid the topic, or outright misrepresent what their product is made of.  Definitely not the graceful gymnastics we are familiar with.

The Solution is MasterShield

While other companies are hell-bent on making the most profit they can, Mastershield prides itself on being customer and solutions oriented.  When you get Mastershield, you are getting the finest crafted gutter guard in the marketplace today.

MasterShield uses a patented mesh cover that can perfectly filter water at a pitch that matches your roof.  And beneath the mesh guard, you’ll find solid aluminum construction that will hold up against the toughest elements, so you don’t have to try this again in 10 years.

With MasterShield installed, your gutters will no longer be something you have to worry about. Contact us today to schedule an installation or to get a quote.