The Nature Strikes Back Series: Squirrels and Rodents

Squirrel’s look cute and innocent, but there’s mischief hidden behind their black, beady eyes. Many children have gotten a little too close to these bushy tailed critters, only to receive a bite from those razor sharped front teeth.

Did you know that a squirrel’s front teeth never stop growing? They’re just two never-ending daggers coming out of the front of their mouths.  Like a warm knife through butter, these are the weapon of choice that cuts through that innocent, helpless electrical wiring.

The good news is, despite popular belief, squirrels almost never carry rabies. The bad news is these furry demons can cause a lot more damage than a nibbled finger. Recently, a squirrel was responsible for $300,000 worth of damage to an Indiana community center.

One squirrel.

squirrel gutter damage

(courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

And there are likely a dozen or more around your home. You need to safeguard your house. Even from squirrels.

It starts with your gutters.

Squirrels can Cause Serious Problems for Gutters

Gutters are vital to maintain your homes integrity.  However, an unprotected gutter is a problem waiting to happen and Mother nature will strike back, if you let her.  In the case of the squirrel, unprotected gutters are great for collecting nuts from nearby trees, a perfect hangout for Rocket J. Squirrel and his buddies like a watering hole in Africa.

Even if you don’t have nut bearing trees around, squirrels will likely run in and out of your gutters regularly, using them for a bed, a bathroom, and/or nut storage. This sort of thing is precisely what you DON’T want to see when you haul out the ladder for your spring gutter cleanout.

All of these situations can cause improper drainage for your roof and gutter system, resulting in leaking gutters, build up, and water overflow.

If rain and melting snow/ice isn’t running through your gutters properly, you could be left with rotting facia boards, damaged siding, mold, foundation cracking, basement flooding, and more.

All because you have squirrels, or other rodents, living in your gutters.

Be Smarter Than a Squirrel

You don’t need to be a master strategist to protect your home from squirrels. You just need to get a good gutter guard like Mastershield. Don’t settle for some bargain leaf guard. These can make your gutter problems worse.

But with a high-quality micromesh guard like Mastershield, your gutters will be protected from squirrels, nuts, leaves, debris, build-up, and more. It’s an investment that more than pays for itself.