Gutter Problems: What to Look Out for When Shingling Your Roof

Your shingles and your gutters share a symbiotic relationship. They are the external protection for your roof. If one is damaged or underperforming, it can directly affect the other.

When the time comes to re-shingle your roof, it’s important to keep your gutters in mind. Whether you’re the one replacing the shingles, or you’re the homeowner whose shingles are being replaced, you need to make sure the gutters are taken care of.

Here’s a few things to keep an eye out for.

Keeping Your Gutters Safe and Clean

The shingling process can be hard on your gutters. Things get messy, causing grit, dirt, shingle pieces, and other particles to fall into your gutters and drains. Left uncleaned, this creates a cocktail of disaster.

Roofers should take care not to prop their ladders and other equipment against the gutters themselves, but instead they should use ladder standoffs to keep off of the gutters.  Once completed, a good, detail-oriented roofer should clean out your gutters.  It is important for this to be done to prevent costly clogs in the future.

In addition to the mess, reckless shingling can heavily damage gutters. Loads of old shingles are thrown, pushed, and shoveled off the roof. They can easily hit the gutters on the way down, denting and bending them.

Improper Edge Work

A lot can go wrong where the shingles meet the gutters. The edge of the shingles should extend directly over the edge of the gutter so that water can fall straight in. Extended too far, and the rain will run past the gutter. If not extended enough, water could run into the seams and down the fascia board, causing rot and leaks.

As an extra level of protection, it’s good to add a drip edge, gutter apron, or flashing to the edge of the roof. This will do the best job of preventing water from getting under your shingles.

Is it Time to Replace Your Gutters?

Re-shingling is one of the best times to upgrade the gutters around your home. Since the shingles and covers are off anyway, it’s easy to remove the gutters as well. This way, fascia boards can also be inspected and quickly replaced if needed.

If you’re going to get new gutters, why not upgrade to a superior gutter system?

Mastershield guards are the best gutter covers available. With their patented stainless steel mesh, they keep everything but water out of your gutters. Minneapolis residents should know they work great in the snow and cold as well.

Whether you’re replacing your roof right now or not, it’s a great time to upgrade your gutters.