The Usual Suspects: Acorns and Cotton Clouds

The time of year has come where you can step out your door, and all will feel right in the world.  The sun’s warmth soaks into your skin as birds chirp in the distance.  You look up to see leaves budding on the trees around you.

Spring is here.  Life is good.  You feel safe.

But hidden away in those budding branches, danger is waiting.  Soon, those branches will have full sized leaves, seeds, nuts, and more.  And all of those things will be coming straight for your gutters.

Recently, we talked about how to stop maple trees and conifers from clogging your gutters.  Today, let’s take a look at two more of the usual suspects and how you can deal with them.

Cottonwood Tree aka Fluff & Stuff

This guy grows big and bushy, easily positioning himself directly over your gutters.  From there, he’ll unleash the usual leaves, along with some sticky sap.  But the Cottonwood’s bread and butter is the fluffy cotton-like clouds he creates.

These guys will float through the air and land perfectly on your gutter, clogging them up.  They can even get into some gutter guards and clog up their draining system.

Keeping Cottonwood Trees Out of Your Gutter

To protect against the clogging capabilities of the cottonwood’s cotton clouds, you need superior gutter protection.  With Mastershield’s micromesh covering system, no seeds or fibers can get inside.  And since the guard is pitched with your roof, only the rain goes in while the rest of the tree debris slides right off.

Oak Tree aka Captain Catkins

Catkins, in case you didn’t know, are one of the many names for the little tassle-like strands that hang from blossoming oak trees.  And when they show up, they show up in great number.  Between catkins, leaves, pieces of bark, and acorns, the oak tree commands an army of things that can clog up your gutters.

If you have this guy in your yard, a poorly protected gutter doesn’t stand a chance.

How to Stop Oak Trees from Clogging Your Gutter

To protect yourself from the worst, you need to use the best.  A Mastershield gutter guard uses patented engineering to provide superior gutter protection.  Oak tree debris likes to sit on top of flat gutter guards, blocking the flow of water.  With Mastershield’s pitched design, that’s not a problem.

Another Case Solved

When gutters are protected by Mastershield, the crime sprees of cottonwoods and oak trees come to an end.  Keep your gutters safe.  Contact us today to schedule an installation or to get a quote.  We’re your local Mastershield Minneapolis experts.