The Usual Suspects: Helicopter Seeds and Conifer Trees

Most of us love to have a few trees in our yard.  They provide our homes with shade and scenery.  But year after year, there’s also a crime they regularly commit.  The seasons change and the wind blows, and next thing you know, your gutters are clogged with leaves, seeds, and nuts dropped from your beautiful lawn decorations.

We’ve decided enough is enough.  Today, we’re profiling two of the usual suspects, their methods, and how you can put a stop to their reigns of terror.

Maple Tree – aka The Helicopter

When you were a kid, this guy dazzled you with his spinning helicopter seeds.  You’d grab a handful, toss them in the air, and watch them gracefully spin to the ground.

These days though, you’ve seen the truth behind his sleight of hand tricks.  The maple tree is a master of air infiltration.  Those helicopter seeds are particularly good at covering long distances, even if there’s a fair amount of land between the tree and your house.

How to Stop Maple Tree Seeds and Leaves

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Open gutters stand no chance of keeping out the clogging combo of maple leaves and seeds.  Even with a basic gutter guard, the leaves can collect over top of them, preventing the rain from getting in and properly draining.

As for the seeds, thanks to their small shape, they can easily slip through cheaper guards and grates.

If you want to keep your maple trees out of your gutter, you need top of the line protection like Mastershield.  If a standard gutter guard is mall security, then a Mastershield system is a marine.

With Mastershield, your gutters are sealed off from external invasion.  And since Mastershield is pitched with your roof, any remaining seeds and leaves will slide right off.

Now let’s see who’s next in the lineup:

Conifer Tree- aka The Needler

If there’s one guy who’s better at getting into a tight space than The Helicopter, it’s a conifer tree.  Anyone who has ever had a real Christmas tree in their house knows just how talented pine needles are at getting everywhere.

They might seem harmless due to their small size, but these little guys collect quickly, and once they’re in, it’s very hard to get them out.  The truth is, many gutter guards don’t keep out pine needles whatsoever.  Grate and strainer style guards are prone to getting plugged up by them.

Keeping Out Needles

Due to its micromesh design, Mastershield is able to keep about the sneakiest of perpetrators.  Even pine needles.  With a Mastershield gutter guard, only water gets through.  The rest is washed away.

Let’s Lock ‘Em Up

It’s time to put away the problems that come with maple trees and conifers.  By protecting your gutters with Mastershield, you can avoid the costly damages that are caused by underperforming gutters.  Contact us today, and we’ll get you setup with a Mastershield gutter installation.